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Electric Bike Postures: What Suits You and Why

May 29, 2021

Before we talk about posture on an electric bike, what type of riding are you interested in?

Do you see yourself sliding through berms and sending it down singletrack? Or are you looking for an e-bike that will double as your daily commuter and source of early morning joy?

Electric Bike Postures

Getting an e-bike that positions your body in the optimal posture for you is very important. Purchasing the wrong e-bike can not only wear down your body but your bike as well.

If you were to purchase a comfort/cruiser bike and went off-pavement, chances are your knees and hands will be feeling it the next day after getting jostled down a dirt trail. Not to mention, your bike was not designed to be ridden off-road.

Read further to determine what type of e-bike posture is meant for you. 

Upright Position: Comfort/Cruiser Electric Bikes 


Picture yourself hopping on your e-bike for a leisurely pedal to the market, a coffee shop, or to work? Consider Electra or Trek’s city cruiser e-bikes. Perfect for city touring or commuting. Equally important, if you experience lower back pain, you will be most comfortable in an upright position. Comfort and exercise can co-exist! 

Also, if you prefer a lower standover height than a standard bike, Trek’s Verve+ Lowstep and Townie Go! models are for you. With one of these e-bike choices, you’ll avoid having to swing your leg over the saddle and will stand over your bike at a stop with complete ease.  

The upright position on these e-bikes ensures you’re engaged with your surroundings, taking it all in. Handlebars on cruiser e-bikes are shaped into a gentle upward curve for effortless steering. Riding a cruiser e-bike has never felt so pleasant! 

Active Position: Hybrid Commuter e-Bikes 


Meant for cyclists who desire high-performance on the pavement as they power past morning traffic. These e-bikes are designed to be sleek and lightweight for commuters.

In the active position, your body is leaned slightly forward for optimal pedaling efficiency and speed. This forward position increases your aerodynamics as well.

Need a reliable mode of transportation that will get you there quickly? Trek’s Allant+ models are for you. 

Active Position: Electric Mountain Bikes


Like a regular mountain bike, Trek’s electric mountain bike geometry is designed for stability, control, and smoothness on the rowdiest of trails.

Seated, your body is slightly leaning forward to allow for pedaling efficiency.  On the downhill, your legs are in a squat position, chest over the handlebars, and eyes forward as your maneuver your way down some single-track.

Active position equals adventure position here.

Performance Position: Electric Road Bikes


Your electric road bike gets you moving at top speed, for a distance you thought unachievable on a traditional bike.

With drop handlebars, you have the ability to tuck low over the e-bike and let it fly. Your body is as leaned forward from the hips as you can get: it’s time to get serious.

High-performance, smooth, and designed to set the pace, check out Trek’s electric road bikes.


With many e-bike options, it’s important to know what type of riding experience you want.  Additionally, knowing what your body prefers in terms of posture on a bike makes or breaks those long rides.

If you purchased the type of electric bike best suited for your needs, you can be sure to have an experience where you are present in the moment, enjoying every pedal stroke.

But you don’t want to make any guesses! Refer back to this blog post and be sure to connect with our professional mechanics here at Epicenter Cycling to ensure you get the electric bike best suited for you.

Rule of thumb: the e-bike for you should be functional, stylish, comfortable, and fun.