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Electric Mountain Bikes: Making Exercise Fun and Accessible

April 10, 2023

No doubt about it, electric mountain bikes are joyfully here to stay. Although eMTBs debuted with a bit of controversy in the cycling world, these days even the most ardent naysayers have gladly changed their tune and are regularly throwing a leg over their pedal-assist steeds.

And why not? Electric mountain bikes offer numerous benefits to riders, with virtually zero downside. Here’s what to love about eMTBs:

Riding an electric mountain bike offers legit exercise while amping up the fun factor

The electric mountain bike’s pedal-assist technology makes it easy and fun to get quality, low impact exercise – no pain cave involved.

In fact, a study made by Brigham Young University (BYU) public health professors found that you can get the same level of exercise on an electric bike as you can on a traditional bicycle. This study proved to be an eye-opener for those who felt it was “cheating” to ride an e-bike.

Pedal assist motors are engaged by pedaling, but the rider gets to determine how much effort to put into that pedaling and can adjust the level of assist accordingly. Therefore, you can ride at your own pace and intensity and let the endorphins work their magic. Imagine enjoying the hill climbs, while burning calories and keeping the ole ticker healthy at the same time.

Naturally, because e-bike riders enjoy getting out on their bikes so much, they tend to ride longer and farther … getting more and more exercise. An eMTB makes getting out for some much-needed movement a joy, not a chore!

Electric mountain bikes make riding accessible for people with barriers

Even those with physical or mental barriers that prevent or impede traditional cycling find they can get around easily on an e-bike.

Examples of such barriers include arthritis, sore knees, weight issues, low fitness, recovering from illness or surgery, and even depression. Our crew regularly hears from customers who credit buying an eMTB for their renewed love of cycling, citing ease of use.

Electric mountain bikes naturally are a game changer for older folks, but even those of the younger set are trading screen time for pedal time. Additionally, folks who normally balk at the thought of exercise are discovering how enjoyable riding a bike can be as endorphins raised by activity enhances their moods.

If you can relate to feelings of discouragement and frustration, an electric bike is just the thing for you!

Families and other groups of varying skill level can ride together

Electric mountain bikes not only make riding more fun, they promote more social interaction than traditional mountain bikes. The reason for this is that eMTBs allow riders of varying skill, fitness and experience levels to bike together. This has such a positive impact on families, couples, friends, co-workers, and other social groups.

Imagine the quality time you can enjoy out on the trails riding with your spouse/family. Or watch your social life improve as you say “yes” to mixed-level group mountain bike rides, having the confidence to keep up with friends!

Electric mountain bikes are remarkably intuitive and convenient

If you can ride a bike, you’ll feel right at home on an electric version with pedal assist. A pedal assist motor offers up a slight “push” feeling, boosting the effort you put into the pedals. Hills are no longer intimidating, and you’ll feel like the wind is always at your back.

Want a harder workout? You can turn off the motor to ride it as a conventional bike!

Conveniently, eMTBs can be recharged anywhere. It’s as simple as plugging in to any household power outlet – no special charging station necessary. Some eMTBs even have a removable battery, which makes charging even more convenient.

Most electric bike batteries can be fully charged between two and five hours, depending on size. A battery will last between 20 - 100 miles, depending on the model and assist level.

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