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Introducing Trek Rail’s New Bosch Smart System

December 06, 2021

Bosch is taking a big step into a digitally-connected e-bike. With the new Smart System, Bosch now combines the physical experience of e-biking with the digital experience of using smartphone apps. The Smart System uses the e-bike Flow app, the LED remote Kiox 300, the PowerTube 750 battery, and the Performance Line CX motor. All components are fully connected to each other.

What makes the Smart System so impactful is that it's the first entirely digitally connected e-bike to a smartphone app, such as the Flow app – not just through the display. This comes with a huge advantage for ease of use: software updates can conveniently be installed through the smartphone app at any time. Now, your e-bike will stay up to date even after purchase.

The E-bike Flow App 

The smartphone app connects to your e-bike automatically after registering as a user. The home screen of the app displays everything you need to know about how your Smart System is working, including the e-bike’s battery charge level, the next recommended service appointment, and the total mileage ridden during your ride.

Once you have the app set up, just hop on your bike. The app will automatically start tracking your ride’s analytics. Gone will be the days of forgetting to start your watch, Garmin, or fitness tracking app. In the near future, Bosch plans to connect the Flow app to popular fitness tracking apps so your rides are automatically uploaded.

The LED Remote

Attached to your handlebars, so you can easily take a glance, is the LED remote. This display shows 5 LED lights indicating the charge of your ebike’s battery, as well as the setting of the ride mode which is displayed in different colors. The LED remote is discreet and tidy on your handlebars, so it’s subtle, and not in the way while riding. Many riders prefer the clean look of the new LED remote as opposed to a bulky display. But if you prefer having an on-board computer display for training purposes, you can have this fitted to your e-bike by one of Epicenter Cycling’s shops after purchase.

The Kiox 300

The on-board computer display of the Smart System is perhaps the most compact display on the market. The Kiox 300 is simply the ideal training tool for riders that want to hit markers and set personal bests by tracking their analytics throughout the ride. With the Smart System, the Kiox 300 seamlessly connects to the Flow app so you can track your performance and optimize every e-bike ride. Lastly, the Kiox 300 can be updated through the Flow app after registering. It’s never been easier to own and operate an e-bike.

So there you have it, folks. The new Bosch Smart System redefines e-bike riding for total efficiency, power, and fun. Although recently released, Bosch already has plans for extending the capabilities of the Smart System.

Contact one of Epicenter Cycling’s four stores to learn more about the Bosch Smart System.