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Protect Your Bike and Yourself with Fenders

February 6, 2023

The Mucky Nutz Face Fender is an excellent choice for mountain biking.

Fenders are an underrated bike component when it comes to rainy season cycling, whether you pedal pavement or dirt. Essentially coverings for your tires, fenders will protect you and your bike from rain and mud that gets flung up from the ground as you ride.

Some types of bicycles come equipped with fenders, while many don't. If you don't already ride with fenders, we bet you’re all too well aware of how dirty and wet your back, legs, feet, and even your face can get. This can be avoided by using front and rear fenders or mudguards.

Your bike, too, will benefit from the protection, because fenders reduce the amount of dirt, sand, mud, and grime that splashes up onto the drivetrain and other essential components. Naturally, the better you take care of your bike’s components, the longer it will last and ride well.

There are many different types of fenders to choose from, and we carry a range of styles designed for mountain biking, road riding, and bicycle commuting.

Fenders for Road and City Cycling

For road and city cycling (traditional and electric bikes), our crew especially recommends the Bontrager NCS Fender Set. NCS fenders install easily and have adjustable stays so there’s no need to cut them like other fenders. They come in a variety of sizes to fit various bikes, and offer full coverage to keep you and your bike protected from the elements.

Upgrade to the Bontrager NCS Alloy Fender Set featuring premium aluminum construction that provides added durability and reliability, and less vibration.

The Bontrager NCS Alloy Fender Set is ideal for bicycle commuting.

Fenders for Mountain Biking

For mountain biking, we love Mucky Nuts for their easy installation, lightness, and flexibility. Plus, they are eco-friendly, which is always a huge plus!

Mucky Nuts offerings include a Face Fender (available in a wide variety of colors) that attaches to the front fork and protects not only your fine visage, but your fork stanchions, seals and bridge as well, and can also serve as a rear shock guard on some full-suspension bikes; a Butt Fender that attaches easily to the seat post and keeps your backside as well as the top of your seat post clean; and a Gut Fender that attaches to the down tube and protects against all the nasties sprayed up from your front wheel.

Alternatively, for mountain biking, we also recommend the SKS Mudrocker Rear Fender which attaches to the seat stays and can be adjusted to give solid coverage over the rear, protecting you and your bike’s suspension and linkage. An included rear extender can be snapped on and used for extra protection in the bottom bracket/derailleur area.

The SKS Mudrocker Rear Fender is another solid choice for mountain biking.

So, now that you’re armed with this knowledge, fender up before the next rainy day ride and know your vital bike parts, as well as your own, will stay cleaner and dryer, which will make for a much better ride all ‘round.

Need more guidance? Swing by any of our convenient locations and our friendly crew will be happy to help!

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