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Riding a Bike for Transportation

May 8, 2023

Using a bicycle for transportation offers a wide range of benefits for yourself, your community, and the planet. Whether you’re looking to simply run errands by bike, commute to work, or full-on ditch your car, you’re making a positive difference.

Benefits of getting around by bike

Starting your day off with a bike ride boosts your energy, focus and well-being. Even just a 20 minute pedal to the store and back offers incredible health benefits.

Keep in mind, too, the financial benefits of choosing your bike vs. your car even for simple errands. Put that gas and parking money into a jar and watch it build up fast. Getting rid of your vehicle entirely, of course, can have a massive impact on your financial situation. In addition to saving on gas and parking, you’ll lose the registration and insurance bills. Plus, naturally, the cost of bike maintenance and repairs is a fraction of that for autos.

You’ll sleep better, too … not only due to regular exercise, but because you’ll be content in the knowledge that your choices and actions are making a powerful impact on your community and planet. The less you use your car, the less emissions are being let into the air — imagine the ripple effect as more people opt for two wheels over their vehicles.

And let’s face it … the less traffic one has to deal with, the better one’s mental health, right? That thick cross-town congestion that leaves you feeling frustrated and stressed? Cruise on by those vehicles moving at a snail’s pace and get to your destination faster and happier.

Choosing the best bike

Although you can certainly get around town just fine on your mountain or road bike, or even that old klunker you discovered in the back of your dad’s shed, a bike designed specifically for getting around town and commuting is the best way to roll.

With so many options, how do you know which is best suited for you?

Let’s start by taking a look at electric vs. traditional bikes. While traditional bikes tend to cost less than their pedal-assist counterparts, the benefits of an electric bike should definitely be considered when looking at options. Here are a few examples of why we’re so stoked on e-bikes:

  • You can get where you’re going faster

  • You’ll enjoy the climbs

  • You can arrive to work and other destinations sweat-free

  • You get to decide for yourself the speed of travel and amount of exertion: use more assist on the days you need it (not enough sleep? no problem!) and less when you want to get your heart pumping a bit (get a full-on work out by pedaling as fast as you can in all modes, or by turning off the assist entirely)

  • Barriers to cycling such as physical and mental limitations are removed

  • Families and other groups of cyclists with varying abilities can bike together, as pedal-assist levels the playing field

Next, you’ll want to determine what style of bike you prefer. Epicenter Cycling carries both electric and traditional bikes in urban/commuter, comfort/cruiser, and cargo styles.

Urban/commuter bikes put the rider in a dynamic, forward position (from slightly bent to moderate). Many models — called hybrid bikes — are as efficient on smooth dirt paths as they are on pavement. Urban/commuter models we recommend include Trek FX 3 and FX3 Stagger, and electric models Allant+ 8S and Allant+ 8S Stagger.

Comfort/cruiser bikes put the rider in an upright position and most boast a cushy saddle and wide handlebars.Comfort/cruiser models we recommend include Trek Verve 3 and their electric versions Verve+3 and Verve+3 Lowstep.

Cargo bikes allow for the transportation of bigger loads, and even kids and pets. Cargo models we recommend include Trek Fetch+ 2 and Fetch+ 4, both electric.

We want you to feel confident getting around town on two wheels! Keep your eye out for future emails and social posts that share our strategies for being safe and comfortable on commutes.

And in the meantime, our crew is more than happy to give you tips and point you in the right direction – please stop by any of our convenient locations anytime!